Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Calvin's First Haircut at a Barbershop

This Saturday, Calvin will be a ring bearer for the first time. His daddy's rusty scissors and clippers from college just weren't going to cut it and thus we began Calvin's journey into the world of professional hairstyling.

Last night, he walked into Floyd's 99 Barbershop on Santa Monica like a champ, surfed the internet for a little bit until his name was called. We asked him if he wanted his haircut right there at the computer. But he insisted on the real thing, pointed over at the chairs, didn't fuss one bit and the rest is history...

Calvin surfing the web

Calvin surfing the internet
Waiting for a cut and checking his kiddie sites

Calvin getting his first haircut at Floyds Santa Monica
Btw... If you go, ask for Lian, she ROCKS!

Calvin getting his first haircut at Floyds Santa Monica

Calvin getting his first haircut at Floyds Santa Monica

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He specializes in candid, photojournalistic photography for children, family, and events and is known for capturing life moments in a documentary fashion.

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CaraBella said...

this. is. awesome. calvin is adorable! I wish I could say how I popped over here, but I had flagged your site under photography and forgot to note exactly how I found you :D Let me know if you wouldn't mind if I re-posted a couple (my blog is pretty much just capturing awesome pics, okay, primarily wedding-related :D) -- keep up the good work!

Rich said...

feel free to repost as long as it points back to this site. thanks!

g lee said...

omg he is SO cute! that must be some high end salon. cuz that's the first one i saw with a computer and online access haha. i better stop going to super cuts. ;D

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